Occultic;Nine – Episode 3 Review

Okay, so I had high hopes for this series when it initially released. I still wanted to keep watching in hopes that the story would normalize and everything would start to come together, but I’ve found that the most charming thing about this series so far is the chaotic nature that many disliked from the get-go.

t1.pngThe first two episodes had so much going on that my mind was a jumbled mess when I’d reach the ending. Episode 3, however, was quite different in terms of the way the story and characters were approached. It wasn’t a confusing mix scenes that jumped all over the place. Instead, we finally got to explore a character’s past, and it was creepy, disturbing, but also refreshing. The character that was focused on was Aria Kureinaino, the little girl who offers her black magic services for a fee. She has an unusual obsession with her brother, and this leads to an interesting development in her character. After watching this episode, I would definitely watch an anime dedicated to her, her past, and her mysterious black magic.

There are still some leftover pieces from the wild mess of the first two episodes, like the key that Yuta Gamon was instructed to take. He was literally walking up to and trying to open random locks as he was walking through the city. Someone please give that boy a clue where he’s supposed to go.

t2.pngAnyway, the end of episode 3 was the best part. Once again, everything was thrown into chaos. Images and scenes that were hidden among the disorganization of the previous episodes are now showing their purpose, and I’m finally feeling like this is the anime that I was anticipating when I first heard of Occultic;Nine. There were too many unknowns at the end of this episode, so I don’t want to hype this up too much. However, if the rest of the series continues in a similar fashion to this episode, then this might turn out to be my favorite anime of the fall season.

I don’t want to spoil too much from this episode because this series might turn out to be one that everyone goes back to watch. You can check out Occultic;Nine on Crunchyroll here!


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